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Get A Cash Bonus of $250

Earn $250 for each friend who attends an appointment with us. Enter your information
to invite your network of friends.

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Step 1

Invite Your Friends

Invite peers, partners, associates, or professional contacts of a company
with 20 or more employees to have
a free appointment with us to
discuss their unique situation.

Step 2

Get $250 For Each Referral

You will get $250 for each qualified*
referral you send our way who attends
an appointment with us.

Step 3

Your Friend Gets Rewarded Too

Since they were referred by you,
we’ll give your friend a free security assessment to identify any potential security gaps.

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Details & FAQs

*Who Is A Qualified Referral For Us?

Where Can You Find People To Refer?

What happens after I complete the form and give you the name of my friend or colleague?

Is my friend under any obligation?

Terms & Conditions

1. Program Overview
The Client Referral Program (“Program”) allows participants to earn rewards by referring new clients to our services from February 1, 2024 through February 29, 2024.
2. Eligibility
To participate in the Program, you must be 18 years old or older. Employees, contractors, partners, and affiliates of our company, as well as their immediate family members, are not eligible to participate in the Program.
3. Qualified Referrals:
A qualified referral is a new client who has not previously been a client of our company. The referred client must sign up for our services using the referral form. Current clients, or those who have been clients in the past, do not qualify as referrals under this Program.
4. Referral Rewards
For each qualified referral, you will receive a reward as stated in the Program details on our website. The reward is subject to change at our discretion.
5. Termination and Changes
Our company reserves the right to terminate the Program or to change these Terms and Conditions, the Program, or its rewards at any time and for any reason. We reserve the right to suspend accounts if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of these Terms and Conditions.
6. Liability
By participating in the Program, participants agree to release our company, its employees, shareholders, affiliates, partners, and contractors from any and all liability with respect to the misdirection or misuse of any rewards or the use of any rewards.