Our Clients

Need more reasons to consider Hodgson Consulting & Solutions for your technical needs? Read what some of our clients have to say:
Hodgson Consulting had a very simplistic and easy system...
I have been with Hodgson Consulting & Solutions for over 5 years, and they still come highly recommended by companies we work with on a daily basis. The decision to switch companies had many variables, but Hodgson Consulting had a very simplistic and easy to understand system that they tailored to my claims business.


Martin Alpert

President & CEO
Environmental and General Liability
Hodgson Consulting’s Cloud solution are completely turnkey and reliable
Hodgson Consulting’s Cloud solution are completely turnkey and reliable. I have over 30 plus years as a CPA in public accounting and I have come across many IT companies that have promised reliability. None have executed as well as Hodgson Consulting.

Financial Services

Jeff Hartmann

J.M Hartmann & Associates
Hodgson consulting has the expertise and reliability you need!
There are several big benefits to working with Hodgson Consulting. One of the biggest benefits that we have received while working with Hodgson Consulting is they provided us with the expertise we needed when overhauling our infrastructure. Simply put – Hodgson Consulting works with you and they have the expertise to do so!


Mike Carlson

Director of Networks
Marian Catholic High School
My IT problems never become my business problems
Working with Hodgson consulting feels like working with In-house IT support. I work with the same 1 or 2 technicians which allows them to get to know me, my applications and computer systems. When I have a problem, the technicians take the time to show me what went wrong so I can avoid that issue in the future.


Harry Moser

Reshoring Initiative
Great staff that is knowledgeable and extremely reliable
The biggest benefit in working with Hodgson Consulting is their reliable and prompt service. I also appreciate the constant communication from their team, it is much better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past.

Financial Services

Pamela Lampe

Picker & Associates, LLC
I don't have to learn about IT!
We have received personalized service that meets our specific needs. We get the right sized solutions, not too small with constant upgrades, not overkill and overspending.

Financial Services

John W. Beaver

Owner & Certified Financial Planner
Phase III Advisory
Our network was down, our users were down. Hodgson was able to get us up and running in 4 hours
The core switch at our headquarters went down … basically our network was down our users were down. The whole organization is racking up cost at that point. I got a hold of Hodgson and they were able to react immediately.


Mark Sanhamel

Business Systems Manager
GF AgieCharmilles
We are able to provide the same services without increasing staffing and headcount
As a global organization centralized communication is a no brainer. Using a hosted solution we are able to provide the same services without increasing staffing and headcount. The hosted solution also prevents us from making large up front capital expenditure with no heavy maintenance fees or upgrade fees.


Christopher Alfano

Chief Technology Officer
Vantage Custom Classics