New Book Saves Chicago Area Businesses From Being Targeted By Cybercriminals

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Karla Zehnder, owner and founder of Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, an IT services company serving small business owners in the Chicago area and beyond, has recently released a new book revealing how easily small businesses can become victims of cyberattacks. The book, UNDER ATTACK, Why Your Business Is A Hacker’s PRIMARY Target And What You Can Do NOW To Secure Your Data, describes what owners and employees need to be aware of whenever they are using their computers and email, in order to protect the business from being breached.

“With cyber security, compliance, and data security becoming more critical, as well as ensuring your IT is secure, running, and available with remote workforces, it’s more important than ever to make sure the IT company you choose is competent in guiding your decisions,” says Karla Zehnder, Chief Executive Officer for Hodgson Consulting & Solutions. “Hiring the wrong person or company can be expensive in many ways, and companies need to make sure the person they trust to secure their data and protect them from hackers is doing all the right things to avoid litigation, data loss or the violation of federal laws around storing and securing sensitive data like medical files, credit cards, social security numbers, or other confidential information.”

The book also features advice on staying secure while working in the cloud or from home, protecting your identity, risk mitigation, cost reductions, backup and disaster recovery, as well as tips for you and your employees on being smart about using IT.

For more information about UNDER ATTACK, or to order your FREE copy of the book, please visit or contact Hodgson Consulting & Solutions at 847-906-5005.

About The Author:

Karla Zehnder is the CEO of an award-winning IT consulting firm, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, specializing in highly responsive managed IT, cloud, and cyber security services for small business to midsized business clients in all markets in the Chicago area and beyond for over 20 years. Karla and her team help their clients make the best IT choices that will keep them working safely, securely, productively, and cost-effectively so they can focus on growing their small businesses, not slowing them down. Karla combines her entrepreneurial skills with her people skills to help small business clients overcome the technical challenges they face in today’s digital world, empowering them for growth and success. As seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

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