Second Annual Event For Small Business Owners Coming To Wisconsin

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Free national event for small businesses to help them use technology to grow, to be more productive, profitable, and protected.

Karla Zehnder, owner and CEO of Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, an IT services company serving small business owners in Wisconsin and Illinois, is officially a host of the second annual Small Business Tech Day happening November 16th.
This FREE online event includes celebrities like Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, AI expert and top technology leader Adam Cheyer, and best-selling author and entrepreneur extraordinaire Mike Michalowicz.
The event is designed to help small businesses equip themselves with the best technology and practices available today to increase productivity and profitability and protect them against online threats.
“It’s nearly impossible for businesses to stay up-to-date on emerging trends in technology. It’s been that way for years, but with the emergence of AI, dependence on “work-from-anywhere” models, and, unfortunately, an increase in online threats from overseas, it’s more important than ever to know what’s happening. The right tools, services, software, and partners can be the difference between business growth and going out of business. Owners and their employees can improve their quality of life while increasing productivity and profitability when they use technology the right way, and that’s what we want to bring to Wisconsin small businesses,” said Karla Zehnder, Chief Executive Officer for Hodgson Consulting & Solutions.
This international event will feature well-known business leaders, tech experts and leading minds, showing small businesses how to compete and succeed in many aspects of their business, with a concentration on utilizing emerging technology trends. For more information about Small Business Tech Day, go to or call 847-906-5005 and let them know you’d like information on the FREE local event happening on November 16th.
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About the host:
Karla Zehnder is an award-winning CEO, author of the book Under Attack, and the owner of Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, a managed IT, cloud services, and cyber security services provider for small to midsized business clients in all markets in the Chicago area and beyond for over 20 years. Karla and her team help their clients make the best IT choices that will keep them working safely, securely, productively, and cost-effectively so they can focus on growing their small businesses, not slowing them down. Karla combines her entrepreneurial and people skills to help small business clients overcome the technical challenges they face in today’s digital world, empowering them for growth and success.
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