Are Alexa and Siri Stealing From You?

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The Internet is no longer confined to our computers. It’s everywhere.

From our cars to our smart home devices, like Alexa and Echo, to our security systems and appliances, to our watches and fitness trackers, this proliferation of the Internet is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

While these are helpful, fun, and often entertaining resources, as they spread and as the internet is released from being on a computer, so do the cyberattacks and viruses.

These convenient devices are usually wirelessly connected to the Internet, which makes them even more vulnerable than in the past. If we can order dinner, shoes, whatever just by asking Alexa or Siri to do it, in the near future, hackers will find ways to control entire systems all from a single compromised entry point.

Imagine the cameras on your computers and phones being hacked and recorded, or your conversations, even those you’re having while “not using” your phone.

Now take that up a level and imagine the widespread ramifications when your wireless camera hacks a thermostat that connects to a power plant. The more smart devices you have in your home or in your office, the more gateways you have into your entire network.

You want to ensure your company is protected against ransomware and breaches 24/7, no matter what causes them, employees included.

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