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According to cybersecurity experts, ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds. This number is alarming and has only gotten worse. Users of all types, from individuals to large corporations, are targets. A vulnerability in communication security is usually the first step in almost all attacks.

There are many small businesses that still do not understand the significance of security in business communication, despite the alarming trends. Less than half of small firms have ransomware defenses installed, and more than a quarter of staff members have inadequate online security training. If you want to have a chance of surviving a cyberattack, you must address these crucial issues right away.

Why Workplace Communication Security Is Important

When a company’s communication system becomes compromised, hackers will have already gotten past the company’s perimeter protection, and it won’t take long for them to get to your private data. This security gap takes us to the three crucial justifications for why your company must maintain communications security.

Protection of Customer Data

Companies gather enormous volumes of client data from sectors including healthcare, finance, and many more that need protection from hackers. If any of this information leaks, it could be very problematic for your customers and your business.

Protection Of Intellectual Property

Unfortunately, industrial espionage is a threat to us all. Many large firms would pay to get information from their competitors so they might learn what upcoming products or top-secret projects their rivals are working on. This threat is typical in fields like the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

Protection For Internal Communications

Internal communication entails vast amounts of confidential information intended solely for company employees. These messages comprise private data that a ransomware attacker would love to access since they can profit from holding the data hostage.

A Must-Have For Secure Business Communication

No matter the size of your company, creating secure communication platforms is essential for all enterprises. The easiest way is to collaborate with a cybersecurity professional with the skills and tools required to keep your communication safe from exposure.

However, remember that not all managed service providers are equal. In fact, there have been some cases where a provider of a secure communications platform has been compromised with malware. While the clients believed they were safe, they may have unintentionally increased their risk.

As a precaution, ensure that the managed service provider you choose offers current security measures while they take charge of your cybersecurity.

Clear And Thorough Policies

A provider should be able to explain the specific communication security measures they can put in place for your company. Will they oversee your network and system, digital assets, physical security, and your company’s vulnerability? They should also speak about human error, which often leads to many failures in business communication.

Dependable Encryption Techniques

Because hackers can now bypass the most basic encryption techniques, you should only cooperate with a supplier that offers strong encryption. This protection is crucial if your company does a lot of remote work, and your employees frequently use their own computers and mobile devices for work.

Final Reflections

These are just the fundamentals of why communication security is vital in running a business.

Contact us when you are ready to increase the security of your business communications. We can help you keep your business, your data, and your employees protected.

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