Risk Assessments

Given the rapidly evolving cyber landscape of today, businesses need to be more proactive in addressing their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We empower businesses with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity risk management, to help make implementing and maintaining cybersecurity in your business easy, letting you focus on growth and success.
Security is a BUSINESS problem….With a TECHNICAL solution
Security Risk Assessments reveals gaps in your network security and identifies areas where your company is at high risk to ransomware, hackers and other devastating cyber attacks.

A security risk assessment from Hodgson Consulting & Solutions will give you an unbiased security risk score, and validation from a qualified third party on whether or not you are protected against ransomware and other cybercrime attack.

This is for companies that want to know for certain if their data is secure or need to meet:

Gain Actionable Outcomes and Priorities

Our specialized consultants spend time understanding your business direction and vision, unique company structure, as well as key data security risks in order to provide you with prioritized recommendations, identifying areas that require immediate attention.

At the end of the audit you will know:

Get the Answers you want and the Certainty you need

Here’s how it works

Step 01

Confidential Assessment

We thoroughly review your systems and security practices

Step 02

Gap Analysis

Identify gaps in your current security

Step 03

Action Plan

Identify and align security priorities

Step 04


Align with NIST framework guidelines and best practices

Key Benefits

Don’t wait to find out the hard way if your network is secure!

What is a NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment?

The NIST CSF is comprised of five critical functions or best practices that are also referred to as the Framework Core. These functions are design and concurrently to represent a complete security lifecycle and are imperative for a well-rounded security posture and successful handling of cybersecurity threats.
Assess and map your existing security practices against government framework and industry standards.