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The CHICAGO AREA Business Owner’s Guide To I.T. Support Services And Fees
What You Should Expect To Pay For I.T. Support For Your Business
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What Clients Say About Us

Great Staff That Is Knowledgeable And Extremely Reliable

The biggest benefit in working with Hodgson Consulting is their reliable and prompt service. I also appreciate the constant communication from their team, it is much better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past.
Pamela Lampe
CFO, Picker & Associates, LLC

My I.T. Problems Never Become My Business Problems

Working with Hodgson consulting feels like working with In-house IT support. I work with the same 1 or 2 technicians which allows them to get to know me, my applications and computer systems. When I have a problem, the technicians take the time to show me what went wrong so I can avoid that issue in the future.
Harry Moser
CEO, Reshoring Initiative

I Don't Have To Learn About I.T.

We have received personalized service that meets our specific needs. We get the right sized solutions, not too small with constant upgrades, not overkill and overspending.
John W. Beaver
Owner, Phase III Advisory