Have You Experience Lots of Reboots on Your Windows 10 Device?

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Breach Alert

“Forced reboots are affecting some machines running Windows 10 version 1809 and above.”  (, 2020)

June 2020 saw more than one Patch Tuesday from the beloved company Microsoft. However, those updates have left less than desirable effects for users. “Microsoft has admitted that this month’s Windows 10 Patch Tuesday updates are causing more problems, this time resulting in crashes due to a failure in the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) file, lsass.exe.” (, 2020)

So what does Microsoft plan to do about the rebooting and the inconveniences to users? “Microsoft says it is working on a fix that will be delivered in a future update. It has not confirmed whether the LSASS issue affects earlier versions of Windows 10. It’s not known when the update will arrive, but Microsoft is restarting its optional non-security update releases – the C and D week releases – in July, after pausing them in March to reduce the load on IT admins during the coronavirus outbreak. The optional releases will only be available for Windows 10 and Windows Server, version 1809 and later. These give admins a chance to test non-security fixes coming in the following month’s Patch Tuesday update, or B release.” (, 2020)

While Microsoft works out this company-specific problem, what other news in the realm of breaches, malfunctions, and inconveniences should users be aware of? Well, I’m glad you asked. “Printers are leaking device names, locations, models, firmware versions, organization names, and even WiFi SSIDs.” (, 2020) This is scary because professionals use printers for work of course, but many people also use printers for personal use. “For years, security researchers have warned that every device left exposed online without being protected by a firewall is an attack surface. Hackers can deploy exploits to forcibly take control over the device, or they can just connect to the exposed port if no authentication is required.” (, 2020)

How it Could Affect You

According to the above-noted article regarding printer security, “devices hacked this way are often enslaved in malware botnets, or they serve as initial footholds and backdoors into larger corporate networks (Russian hackers already use this technique).” Additionally, “despite this being common knowledge among cyber-security and IT experts, we still have a large number of devices that are left exposed online unsecured.” (, 2020) It’s important to have the proper securities in place to protect your devices, applications, and your hardware. Some people don’t believe in or even know the importance of protecting your hardware beyond computers. However, the truth is anything connected to your network offers the opportunity to be hacked. Make sure your IT team, and/or IT company has all components of your security up to date.

Hodgson Can Help

We can help you ensure your software, hardware, applications, and devices are all secure and up to date. Additionally, we can help ensure you aren’t losing information or data when inconvenienced by an untimely Microsoft update. Here at Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, we specialize in securing data and information loss prevention for companies with multiple locations and/or a remote workforce. We offer full solutions for your IT needs, not just Band-Aid fixes. Contact us to receive a FREE Cyber Security Risk Assessment and also learn more about our Managed Security Service Plans. Contact our office today at 847-906-5005.

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