COVID-19 Customer FAQ

About Hodgson Consulting & Solutions

The impact and outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to impact people and countries around the world. We understand the challenges facing your teams and we aim to support your needs in any way we can.

At the beginning of this crisis, we at Hodgson Consulting & Solutions executed our pre-established business continuity plans. Because of this we have proven to be resilient and flexible throughout this crisis, and we will continue to make decisions that will benefit our employees and clients to keep everyone safe through Coronavirus COVID-19 and beyond.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Hodgson Consulting & Solutions’ operations and support.
No, our business hours have not changed. We are maintaining our normal support hours are still 8:00 am – 5:00 p.m. and offer our after-hours and weekend support hours for emergencies.
All of our offices/locations are staffed with minimal amount of personnel physically in the office each day. If you need to come into our office, we suggest you call first to set a time and make sure someone is available to help you. All Hodgson Consulting & Solutions’ offices require visitors to wear a mask to entering our buildings.
Our offices are being staffed at 20% or less to limit spread among employees. Each employee is asked to do a self-evaluation prior to coming into the office, including temperature checks and COVID-19 symptom checks. Our employees are following local compliance by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands and surfaces frequently. Most of our employees are still working remotely, and the majority of our meetings are taking place via Zoom and conference calling. Visitors to Hodgson Consulting & Solutions offices are asked to wear masks. We have been following a rigorous sanitation and cleaning schedule at all locations.
Our sales representatives are available by phone, email or video call. We have developed a Virtual Business Assessment that allows the sales representative to conduct all discoveries and assessments virtually. They are available to visit your office upon request. When we arrive at your office we will follow your office requirements and comply with recommendations regarding masks, sanitizing surfaces, social distancing, and good hand hygiene.
Our core products and services have not changed. However, we have added new enhanced security and cloud solutions to better protect your organization and to increase the productivity and communications of your remote workforce.
Our technicians work to resolve all your issues remotely. If they are e unable to fix your issue remotely, a technician can pick up your equipment, work on it, then bring it back. There are time when support need to be completed onsite in your office. If it is necessary to come on site to your office, our employees will follow your office requirements and comply with recommendations regarding masks, sanitizing surfaces, social distancing, and good hand hygiene.

Some deliveries may be delayed, usually due to product unavailability because of the increased demand in hardware, such as laptops, desktops and webcams. Delays may be longer if the equipment manufactured is overseas. Fortunately, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions has access to products from several different distributors and we try to find alternative source to minimize delays. If your products or services will be delayed, we will notify you and keep you informed.

You can easily contact us via phone, customer portal, and email ticket requests.
As always, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is available to help you with any concerns or questions you may have. We know that helping you cope in this environment is critical, and we only succeed if you succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help to you in any way.

Thank you for your continued support of Hodgson Consulting & Solutions and we wish you all the best success and safety during this difficult time.