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Dear Clients and Partners,

I wanted to share an update on what Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is doing today to keep our community safe and operations moving, as well as specific steps we‘re taking to continue to deliver the solutions your business relies on.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions Continuity and Wellness Activities Update

Client Communication
A member of Hodgson Consulting & Solutions will reach out to all of our clients over the next couple of days to assess their technical business continuity needs during this time.

Remote Work Tests
As part of our ongoing preparedness with respect to the COVID-19 spread, we are activating business continuity plans to periodically test various team’s remote work capabilities. This is done to ensure we maintain service levels and resolution times, regardless of where our teams are physically located.

This week our team is conducting drills to ensure a seamless work experience for our teams and operational continuity for our clients.

Office Disruptions
It is very likely that our team will begin working remotely due to our urban locations and COVID-19 spread rates.
Our teams are well equipped to perform their job functions remotely through our proactive measures to provide remote workstations, softphone capabilities, VPN access, and access to required applications for our staff.

Limited Travel and Onsite Visits
We have decided to limit domestic travel and onsite client visits to slow the spread of COVID-19 and decrease potential exposure. Our teams are ready and able to conduct most meetings virtually. While we’ll miss our face time with clients, we feel this is the right choice to support the health of everyone.

The health and safety of our colleagues, their families, and our communities are the highest priority. We continue to encourage everyone to follow the preventive measures recommended by the CDC to stay healthy and slow the spread of the virus, including:

• Clean your hands frequently
• Avoid touching your face
• Stay home if you feel ill

Rest assured, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is well-positioned and prepared to work through this pandemic. Although we feel our plan is good for our clients, our colleagues, and the community, we will certainly not be perfect as we move through this situation. We ask for your patience, and we will continue to communicate often of any updates and other measures we’re taking as the situation progresses.

As always, stay safe and healthy,

Karla Zehnder, CEO
Hodgson Consulting & Solutions

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