Are you looking for experienced IT support for your school?

Are you are a principal or administrator in search of IT support to fully manage your technology?

Are you an IT manager that lacks the resources, funds or time and you’re looking to outsource key IT functions to a trusted partner so you can focus on the critical components of managing the technology of a growing school?

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions provides IT support and IT consulting services specifically designed for education.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions works with schools to improve their maintenance, support and network infrastructure, and cap their monthly cost for all their IT support needs. We understand the challenges of running a school and will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the technology resources including the software and hardware you need to be successful.

Platform Flexibility = The Freedom to Learn

Long term flexibility comprises the core of every Hodgson Consulting & Solutions influenced network design. Tablets, smartphones, iMacs, Macbooks, document cameras, interactive boards, OS X, Linux, Windows, remote access, cloud applications and BYOD are just a few of the important initiatives participating in today’s teaching renaissance. We are well aware more initiatives are certain to follow.

While flexibility is important, stability is vital. Our solution model is founded on an underlying principle that requires absolute classroom proven reliability. We know teachers do not have time for technology related interruptions. Making poor product choices adds unnecessary support complexity, destabilizes the network, and eventually affects concentration, teaching efficiency, and inevitably, student results.

Our team will work with yours, to make the most cost effective IT support solution possible.

It’s time to eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness, and other network headaches.

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