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Internal Mission Critical Business Applications Do Not Automatically Work Externally

Working remotely is becoming a more appealing option to many companies and employees, but what happens if your specialized apps don't work effectively outside of the office?

Here's why application virtualization may be the answer to your problems—and why your in-house team may not be part of the solution


Internal Business Apps Do Not Automatically Work Externally

Minimizing Distributed Workforce Downtime

When your employees can’t access IT systems and software to do their jobs properly, this has a cost to your company in profits and reputation. For an increasingly distributed workforce, unplanned downtime can be especially damaging—very minor issues with a centralized server can paralyze your workforce nationally and internationally.

In this paper, we discuss how to protect your distributed workforce from unplanned downtime without investing in expensive on-site solutions.


Minimizing Distributed Workforce Downtime