Hodgson Consulting & Solutions Celebrates 20 Years Of Service To The Chicagoland Community

The IT Company is helping companies thrive during trying times by ensuring connectivity from home or the office.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions

BUFFALO GROVE, December 20, 2020 – Hodgson Consulting & Solutions a black woman-owned business is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary in the year 2020.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions was founded in the year 2000. Under the leadership of Karla Zehnder, CEO, and Robert Zehnder, President, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions has served the Chicagoland area by eliminating technical frustrations obstacles, and inefficiencies in companies with multiple locations and/or a remote workforce since its inception. Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is proud to be a black woman-owned Managed Service Company specializing in Managed IT, Cloud, and Cyber Security solutions in its area. The company is proud to make history in this way, and welcomes another 20 plus history-making years to come!

Karla Zehnder, CEO had this to say, “It is incredibly difficult for a tech company to stay relevant (or viable) for 20 years and Hodgson Consulting & Solutions has done that” while reflecting on the past two decades. She attributes the success to “a culture that encourages our staff to constantly be growing in knowledge and skill through ongoing training and continuous education, to work hard and have a good time while doing so. All of which has produced a friendly, knowledgeable crew(staff) that is able to provide our clients with reliable cutting edge technology to ensure the companies we serve are operating successfully in a secure environment”

This year has taken unforeseen turns and Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is proud to be a reliable constant for its clients and its community at each turn. The company has remained fully operational and fully capable of supporting its clients through every transitional stage they have experienced this year.

Hodgson Consulting & Solutions is a technology firm headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL with a US-based staff that offers Managed IT Support, Cloud Services, Co-Managed Services, and Cyber Security solutions to companies nationwide, as well as clients’ satellite locations around the world, when clients’ international offices require full, secure and reliable integration with their US-based network. The company looks forward to continually serving its community and alleviating the technical frustrations of more companies in the days to come.